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More than 10 kW but less than 100 kW (Tier 2)

Renewable energy generators more than 10 kW but less than 100 kW (Tier 2)

*solar array sized by the AC nameplate generating capacity*

**25 kW or larger member-owned generation will enter into Purchase Power Agreement with  

   PowerSouth.  See PowerSouth’s rate structure in CHELCO’s Interconnect Agreement.         

Step by step instructions:

  1. Review CHELCO’s Net Metering Tariff and Interconnect Agreement to certify that the EGS equipment, its installation, its operation and its maintenance shall be in compliance with all the required standards.
  2. Once your system has been inspected by the county building department complete the net metering application and interconnect agreement and send to CHELCO’s marketing department (agreement must be signed by account holder).
  3. submit non-refundable ($25.00 application fee, $50.00 connection fee) along with additional required documentation:
  • Electrical one-line diagram and specification sheets for inverter, renewable energy source and other installed equipment, such as PV panels.  (For non-inverter based renewable energy systems, the drawing must include the electrical and physical location of the visual manual load break disconnect switch, kVA rating, power factor and the member’s estimated fault current contribution at the point of interconnection.)
  1. Any CHELCO facilities upgrade required to facilities the interconnection of the member’s renewable energy source shall be paid for by the member prior to interconnection.
  2. A non-refundable deposit for study expenses is required prior to performing the facilities study. This deposit varies with the capacity of the generation that is proposed. The member is required to pay all costs associated with the facilities study. The following table summarizes the deposit requirements. 

Installed Aggregate Capacity

Facility Study Deposit

> than 10 kW but ≤ 100 kW

$ 500

  1. Submit to CHELCO’s marketing department proof of general liability insurance in an amount of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence for damage to persons or property resulting from operation of the facility. The member shall provide initial proof of insurance or sufficient guarantee and proof of self-insurance, evidencing the facility as a covered addition to the member’s insured property. The member is also required to submit similar proof of continuing insurance coverage within thirty (30) days of any policy renewal.
  2. Call CHELCO’s marketing department to arrange inspection of system and installation of programmed meter by CHELCO’s power quality department.

*NOTE: CHELCO inspection of system is required prior to completing interconnection. Without properly programmed meter, energy intended as sold to CHELCO will appear on member’s billing as energy usage, billed to member with no way of separating used and sold energy.

Printable versions of tier two documents:

Instructions (Tier 2)

Interconnection agreement

Application for interconnect

Distributed generation flow chart

Application and study process flow chart

Technical requirements for distributed generation connection

FERC waiver

RUS 7 CFR part 1730

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