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We all know Florida as the Sunshine State, but along with beautiful weather, we experience more than our fair share of storms. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency data, there are over 1,900 recorded lightning strikes in CHELCO's service area annually. In a survey of Okaloosa and Walton county residents, more than 50 percent of respondents reported they have received property damage as the result of a lightning strike.

Direct lightning strikes are extremely rare and nothing can provide full protection from them. However, most damage to home electronics and motorized appliances is caused by distant strikes or electrical surges which can enter the home through power lines. CHELCO can help protect your household property through our surge protection service and products. Our surge products are among the best available, and they were developed under rigorous standards in a laboratory simulation of lightning strikes.

We offer two types of surge protection - a meter-based protector which is leased from CHELCO and is designed to protect motorized electric appliances and point-of-use surge protectors designed to protect your electronics. Both protection systems are maintenance-free, and should your purchased POU surge protector encounter any problems, we will replace it, without additional cost, for the first 10 years you own it.

Call our energy services department at (850) 307-1122 if you are interested in either of these types of surge protection. 

Surge Protection Program

For protection of your motor-driven appliances, such as your washer and dryer, air conditioner, etc., we offer a meter-based surge protector. Members lease the unit for $6.95 per month. Prior to installing the unit, a surge specialist will perform a surge evaluation to make sure your home is properly grounded and to check any existing surge protection you might already have. There is a $25 evaluation fee, but it also covers the cost of installation.

Our point of use (POU) surge protectors were extensively tested in a lightning lab to make sure we offer the best possible protection. CHELCO offers these at cost - another example of the cooperative difference!

All our POU devices were tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an independent testing lab that checks electrical equipment for safety, shock and fire hazards.

Specifications: all are UL listed 1449 transient voltage surge suppressors in addition to being multi-staged and heat fused

FAQ - Surge Protection Program