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CHELCO does more than provide power to its members; we embrace and give back to our community, and it's not just our employees who give back. Thousands of CHELCO members have opened up their hearts and joined our Operation Round Up program to donate a small amount of change each month to benefit organizations in our service territory. 

The program is simple, but its impact is tremendous. Members who participate in Operation Round Up choose to round their monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar amount, and the spare change is distributed to non-profit organizations in our communities. The average contribution for members is around $6 per year, and every penny goes to these worthy organizations. 

Foster homes for children, meals for the hungry, and shelter for mothers and children are only a few of the extraordinary things these organizations provide. Many others provide educational and recreational opportunities for people of all ages, such as reading programs, mini-marathons and outdoor education. If you're willing and able, we would love for you to become part of this benevolent program.

To join Operation Round Up and provide support to this charitable cause, we have many convenient ways to opt in. You may click the button below to fill out a brief opt-in form; download the form at the bottom of this page and email it to memberbilling@chelco.com; print the form out and send it with your monthly bill payment; and of course, you can give us a call at 850-892-2111, or toll-free at 800-342-0990. 

We look forward to what we can do together! 

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Operation Round Up Annual Reports

2022 Operation Round Up Annual Report


How does a non-profit request a grant?

Online Grant application

Grant application guidelines

Grant decisions will be determined by the Operation Round Up (ORU) Committee and will be subject to available funds. The ORU Committee meets monthly, and donations will be distributed up to 2-weeks following that meeting.

All donations will meet the policy established by your elected board of trustees.

  • Grant applicants should have a 501 (c)(3) designation
  • Causes may include direct donations or event sponsorships benefiting at-risk children, education, environmental programs, public health and safety, basic human needs, cultural events, the arts and community services
  • Operation Round Up funds will not support political parties, campaigns, candidates or any referendum or other ballot issues and will generally not be made to churches or religious organizations, for-profit organizations, fundraisers to benefit an individual, or organizations prohibited by the CHELCO board of trustees
  • CHELCO will not fund school and youth sports programs due to the large number of these in our area