CHELCO offers residential and small commercial lighting

From rural ranches to lively neighborhoods, CHELCO has a solution for your lighting needs.

CHELCO uses LED technology for its Outdoor Lighting. LED lights are more energy efficient and require less maintenance than other outdoor light sources. Take full advantage of your outdoor living space and accent the unique features of your home by adding a CHELCO street light. 

CHELCO has a decorative lighting program for developers, commercial businesses and existing homeowner’s associations. Please see details about our lighting selection below. To inquire about our lighting program, call (850) 892-2111 and ask for our Lighting Coordinator.

Please report malfunctioning CHELCO outdoor, decorative and streetlights.

If you see or have a nonworking CHELCO light, please fill out the form on this page or call (850) 892-2111 and speak with a member services representative or report it through the MyCHELCO App on your mobile device. (Google Play) (Apple App Store)

CHELCO Lighting Brochure

Report CHELCO Light Outage

Closest address to malfunctioning street light or CHELCO provided outdoor light
You can usually find the CHELCO street light number on the bottom of the pole.
Will we need to call for access to your property?